January 8, 2021


Executive Winter Conference Recap

Arecord number of attendees tuned in for the 10th Annual UBA Bank Executive Winter Conference, Dec. 3-4, 2020, this year held jointly with the Washington Bankers Association. Bank executives from across the states of Utah and Washington attended this two-day virtual event, which kicked off with a postelection panel discussion featuring James Ballentine, ABA; Geoff Greay, FHLB of De Moines; Brian Smith, Wells Fargo and moderated by Glen Simeck, Washington Bankers Association and Howard Headlee, Utah Bankers Association. The panel provided some interesting perspectives on the recent election, including the uncertainty of leadership control and the industry’s political ramification.

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Bank Kudos

KeyBank Named Leading Disability Employer
For the fourth year, KeyBank was recognized by the National Organization on Disability (NOD) as a Leading Disability Employer. The recognition honors companies that demonstrate exemplary employment practices for people with disabilities and is designed to encourage other companies to tap into the many benefits of hiring talent with disabilities.

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Three Key Liquidity Risk Management Reminders

Liquidity management is always important for bankers, but especially during times like these. In addition to that, the government stimulus has created a situation where financial institutions are suddenly flush with liquidity. Yet, this is likely only for the short-term, as circumstances start to change. As such, it is imperative to stress-test your liquidity risk. You may be comfortable with liquidity risk, but it could still be helpful to review these reminders as you move forward.

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Tactics for Navigating Tectonic Shifts in Liquidity

This year has presented bank management teams with a multitude of issues to juggle, many of which seemingly pull in opposing directions and most of which were not firmly on the radar to start the year. Such is life in 2020. Some banks’ primary concerns stem from the fact that the industry has seen a shift in liquidity. Balance sheets are awash with deposits relative to recent periods, while securities holdings have come down relative to assets. The build-in balance sheet liquidity has come in the form of cash, with an unusually high 7.6% of assets held in cash and equivalents as of June 30.

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