Pub. 8 2020 Issue 4

By Scott Hildenbrand, Managing Director, Head of Balance Sheet Analysis and Strategy, Head of Piper Sandler Hedging Services
By Tim Dominguez, Associate General Counsel, Compliance Alliance
By Chris Tuzeneu, Vice President of Information Security, CivITas Bank Solutions, a Bankers’ Bank of the West Bancorp company
By Jay Kenney, SVP and Southwest Regional Manager, PCBB
By The Utah Bankers Association
By The Utah Bankers Association
By The Utah Bankers Association
By William J. Schoch, President and CEO, WesPay
By The Utah Bankers Association
By The Utah Bankers Association

By Zachary Bassett, Relationship Manager

Deposit growth continues to outpace loan demand, leaving financial institutions across the country flush with liquidity. Many factors have resulted in these unprecedented conditions, from near-zero interest rates to an influx of deposits from Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans…

By Howard Headlee, President and CEO, Utah Bankers Association

We are eight months into this pandemic, and our medical community has learned a lot about the COVID-19 virus. Still, I am concerned that many people who test positive believe that all they need to do is go home, isolate, and if things get worse or they have trouble breathing, go to the hospital. …

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Pub. 8 2020 Issue 4
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