Pub. 8 2020 | Issue 3


15th Annual Women In Banking Conference

This year’s annual Women in Banking Conference looked a little bit different. Just three weeks before our conference in April, we had to switch gears due to the COVID-19 pandemic and postpone the conference until August in hopes that we would still be able to meet in person.

However, as the days rolled on and COVID was still a threat, we decided to move the conference to a virtual setting to keep everyone safe and healthy. So, August 26, 2020, we held our first ever virtual Women in Banking Conference. With a record breaking number of those registered (over 500 registrants!), we were able to hold a very successful and enjoyable conference for all those who attended.

We kicked off the conference by learning “How to Build Your Personal Influence Through Personal Branding,” From Elisa Garn, Chief Brand Architect, Me Degreed. Following Elisa, we were all able to gain new perspectives with the “Perspective Across Generations Panel.” With a women banker from each generation on the panel, from a baby boomer to Gen Z, we were able to see the key differences in how each generation might conduct business and how we can better work with those from a different generation.

Following the panel and a short break, we were taught how to find a balance between our work and personal lives from Becky Potts, Vice President and Regional Executive Salt Lake Branch, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, who shared what she had learned throughout her career. After Becky and a lunch break, attendees got the opportunity to hear from Pamela Perlich, Ph.D., Director of Demographic Research, University of Utah, who shared Utah’s Demographic Trajectory and where she predicts Utah will be in the next few years.

Susan Hostetter, SVP Human Resources, TAB Bank, taught us all how we could “Make the Most of Our Situation.” She gave us valuable insight into how we can all make the best of the situation we are all in right now with what is turning out to be the year 2020.

We all then took a nice relaxing chair yoga break, where we were able to learn some simple chair yoga positions that can help rejuvenate and relax us all as we go through our workdays. Our conference then wrapped up with an amazing presentation from Katie Holland, CEO & Founder of Illuminate Together. Katie spoke to us on how to “Scale Your Impact — How Self-Leadership is the Key to Success.”

With so many great speakers and sessions, the 15th Annual Women in Banking Conference was a great success. With over 500 registrants, we were able to have more attend the conference than ever before. While we loved that the virtual setting allowed more people to attend, we do hope to see you all again next year, hopefully, face to face!

The Utah Bankers Association

This story appears in Issue 3 2020 of the Utah Banker Magazine.